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January 21, 2020, 6:19 am

Henry & June
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Anyone else see the westworld article on the Coors factory erecting a 100 ft tall Colorado native sticker. I saw this in theatrical release when it came out, and just recently on home video. As others have commented here, seeing it now can clarify some of what changed in the assumptions of filmmaking during the 90s. This film isn't apologetic about taking its subjects fairly seriously, even while not getting too solemn or "taking *itself* too seriously" in the bad sense. What I'm trying to say is that it isn't flip, and doesn't feel that it has to elevate cool to the ultimate virtue.
If my code words there haven't made it clear, what I was objecting to was how Tarentino has influenced attitudes. But there's an entirely different kind of crummy moviemaking that actually came to mind as a contrast to Henry and June while I was watching this, and that was Moulin Rouge. Please excuse me for using one movie as a club to bash another, but while watching H & J I really felt this connection and contrast.
Even though the 30s (H&J) was a quite different era from the 1900s (Moulin) they're both distant enough from us to raise similar questions about how to handle that sort of milieu. And they have in common being set among artists and aspirants. Moulin Rouge" presents Erik Satie and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec as characters on the fringe of the story, tossed in for spice perhaps, but gives us not a hint about what Satie's music sounds like, nor a glimpse at any Toulouse-Lautrec canvas (though I credit the production design with getting something of his feel into how the film looks. We are told the hero is an aspiring artist but have no idea what his work is like, what he thinks, what the artistic times were like. except a vague profession of "all for love. br> "Henry & June" makes pretty clear what Miller's and Nin's aims were in their writing, and even some of the flavor. It also fills in the artistic surroundings, with for instance some of Brassai's photographs as well as using him as a minor character, and a clip from Le Chien Andalou. The score (with the filmmakers realizing the not everything is of-the-moment, and the avant garde of the 30s would still be "processing" the avant garde of the 20s, teens, and before) gives us snippets of Le Sacre du Printemps and some of Satie's piano pieces. (It was hearing the Satie that triggered the comparison for me, since. as above. I've been using the absence of his music from Moulin Rouge as an indicator of the shallowness of its approach to its setting.)
The makers of Henry & June figured out that the best way to show us exteriors for Paris of the 30s is to selectively show us Paris of today. This would have worked also for Moulin Rouge, better than the gratuitous and grating special effects. True, some landmarks of the (18)90s and 1900s are gone, but that doesn't call for wholesale resort to animation.

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We hope you enjoyed the first ever Reddit Gold-Bloom. Be sure to catch Jeff Goldblum in Hotel Artemis along with a criminally loaded cast featuring Charlie Day, Dave Bautista, Jodie Foster, Sofia Boutella, Sterling K. Brown, Brian Tyree Henry, Zach Quinto & Jenny Slate. In theaters everywhere June 8. [IIL] the movies "Blue is the Warmest Color" and "Henry & June. WEWIL. Anyone know where I can get one of these? Im moving to The Henry in June and I want to show my pride. The Faery Circle a place to chat with friends, tell funny jokes, share cute pics or videos, rant about daily troubles or anything else your heart desires! We're a smaller community here so for this edition of The Faery Circle I'm taking you back to the 90s with some DID YOU KNOW facts. 1. Napster launched in 1999, and within two years, it had 26.4 million users. 2. The 90's book Who Moved My Cheese sold a couple million copies in China, where it inspired books like Whose Cheese Should I Mo.

"Henry & June" just played on cable, and it looks like the original DVD release (1999) is still available, blue-ray only from Germany, but another version is coming January 3rd: anyone know anything about it? Amazon's [page] 1_2?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1482243574&sr=1-2&keywords=henry+ 26+june) has no real details, Googling isn't helping me so far, and the B&W cover + Fandango "50 Shades" ca. Henry & June.


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